Bless His Heart - An Ode to My Husband

Bless his heart!
It's a term they use a lot in movies and shows, but I never really say it. I've never really felt compelled.
Until now.

Bless his heart.
I don't even know where to begin, but I do know that I am crazy lucky to have him. This guy puts up with my mood swings, helps hoist me off the couch, and picks up all the stuff I drop and kindly kick to the side (it's just not worth bending over at this point). Bless his kind, sweet heart.

No one told me what the last month of being pregnant in the summer would be like. Shame on you! ;) It's hot. I have nothing that fits --- except for Adam's larger t-shirts that I keep borrowing. And I'm always tired. But bless his heart. He puts up with it all. I'm pretty sure folks warned him, but was he really ready to experience me like this? Did he expect to have to help me get up? Did he expect the hangrys to be this bad? Did he know he would experience what it's like to have a child before he actually had one? I'll elaborate on that last one.

We were out on the town today doing a little shopping. It started out pretty fun with stops at Target and Best Buy and even a purchase! Hellooo endorphins! Then we got to the first grocery store. I was moving pretty slowly, but pushed onward. We meandered through the aisles putting items in our cart and marking lines through our list. Finally, we were ready to check-out. Unbenownst to me, I steered our cart to the slowest checker-outer in the store who also managed to crush/destroy our herbs. Ugh.

When we arrived at the second grocery store, our final stop, I was in fully hungry mode. I did my best to keep it  reigned in. But it got out. Kindly, Adam ignored my remarks and glares. Bless his heart. The entire drive home was spent with me wishing he'd stop at Zaxby's for some dinner. Of course, I got mad at him for not reading my mind. He didn't even get the mental message that I'd settle for a $5 Hot & Ready pizza! I got neither, and I was mad.

Before I knew it, we were home and Adam was unloading all the groceries. I was already mad at him, but I knew it was just the hangrys. So, I opened the fridge to get a snack and cure the problem. No Zaxby's in the fridge. No pizza. So I got out some cheese and a banana. But then I began crying. Like a giant ocean wave, fierce anger returned and washed over me again - I was mad at Adam for eating all the peanut butter because peanut butter would go great with cheese and a banana. Nevermind the fact that we haven't had peanut butter in a month.

With my tears drying up, I took my plate into LC's room to sit in the glider, eat, and fume. As I sat there in the quiet room, I could hear Adam getting ready to go to his class at the gym. It only made me angrier. He should be getting me Zaxby's! He should have bought me a house closer to a pizza place! The nerve of that man. (Bless his heart!) I could feel the waves of anger returning. I listened to his footsteps approach. Massive tears and mascara started to stream down my face as I tried to eat my cheese and banana between sobs. Unable to explain to my dear husband why I was crying hysterically in the baby's room balancing a plate of bananas and cheese on my belly, I couldn't help but realize how crazy that moment was and how lucky I am to have a guy who puts up with stuff like this. I tried to laugh, but I couldn't. It was more of a wailing hiccup gasp for air. At this point, trying to convince him I was fine, he should go to the gym, and I was upset we didn't have peanut butter was pretty difficult. Especially with red eyes, a stuffed up nose, and mascara running down my cheeks. Bless his heart.

I'm so glad I have such an amazing guy to go on this adventure with. <3

I love having someone who makes me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants. :) 

Sappy. I'm sorry.

I can't believe it's already week 35!


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