I hated those words in school - hated. And I still do today.
Just ask any introvert! Those words effortlessly strike fear into the hearts of any and all introverted individuals - anxiety, cold sweats, unbridled awkwardness --- they all ensue.

Not only is finding a partner ofttimes an issue for introverts such as myself, but a plethora of other things cause anxiety as well. Public speaking. Being in a crowd of unfamiliar folks. Being the center of attention. Just thinking about it gives me the heebie jeebies!

This past Sunday and Monday, the heebie jeebies were in full force for this introvert. See, Lydia Claire and I were fortunate enough to be the guests of honor for not one but two baby showers. In the hours leading up to each shower, I was filled with excitement, anticipation, eagerness to see what adorable little things we would receive. Heebie jeebies never even crossed my mind.

Let's flash back to Sunday.
The tables were set, the decorations were hung, and the food was calling my name. It couldn't have been more perfect! As folks trickled in, I had the pleasure of greeting each familiar face - many of which I hadn't seen in a while. For a few folks, I had to issue apologies. With my tummy protruding a little further than normal, I ran into them full force - contact was made far before I had anticipated! They didn't seem to mind, though. Once they were settled, it was time for presents. Yes, the best part of a party.

All eyes were on me.
Annnnnd cue the awkwardness.
Immediately, I started to sweat.
Cue the super attractive sweat stash.
So feminine.
Lots of eyes still on me.
Pick up a gift. Open.
Have you seen how tiny baby clothes are? It's absolutely adorable.
And the blankets - geez - so cute your heart'll melt!
And then you pull out a gift and have no idea what it is. A burp cloth? A receiving blanket? What's  the difference anyway? And who cares!? It was all adorable.
Pick up another gift. Oooh, it's big.
Ooooh! It won't fit on my lap?
Put it on the floor.
Bend down....try to bend down.
Laugh it off.
Hope you are keeping your ankles crossed.
Wipe your sweat stash.
Grapple at something in the bag.
Oooooh and ahhhh.
Hope you don't look like a gigantic dork.
Hope these folks love you enough to ignore you looking like a gigantic dork if you do, in fact, look like a gigantic dork.
Which I invariably did.

But it was amazing and humbling, the love shown by friends, family, and coworkers.
My thanks just doesn't feel like enough.

My cup runneth over. :)

My precious mommy. And the most delicious cake ever. 

Love that sweet baby Bristol!

Cousin & BFF!


My fabulous mother-in-law Marynell.


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