It Happened.

It happened this morning.
Between 8:30 - 9:00 a.m.
And it was gross.
So much that I actually squeaked when I saw it.

My bellybutton popped out. I admit that I tried to push it back in, but that didn't work.
We can go ahead and just put that occurrence on the list of things I won't miss about being preggers. Actually...

Things I Won't Miss About Being Pregnant

Gross Bellybutton
I've written about it before, but this whole Stretch Armstrong bellybutton phenomenon is not very pleasant. I really miss my perfect little pre-pregnancy bellybutton; will it return???

Not Bending
When folks laugh at you while bending over to pick up something, you know you must look funny. Most of the time, though, I just leave it where I dropped it. ;)


My face has always been the first place I gain weight, so it just goes without saying that I would gain weight there while eating pizza and growing a baby. I will not miss my double chin (Dubs). Ready for it to gooooo away.

I've always little chicken legs, so when my legs and ankles are swollen now, it kinda looks like I'm normal. However, it hurts! And it looks weird. Imma need that stuff to de-puff and carry on with their chicken leg status.

Never-ending Hunger
If I thought I was an endless pit before Lydia Claire, I was greatly mistaken. I think about food 543,432,093 times a day. It was fun at first, but now I'm kinda tired of always being hungry.

Sweat Stash
I just get so hot....


Things I Will Miss

I can't remember what it's like to not feel LC wiggle in there. :(

Lopsided Belly
I adore sporting a lopsided belly. She loves the right side of my body.

Belly Rubs & Conversations
Precious. Just precious.

 They love to talk to Mrs. Hill Jr. and give her rubs. :)

Yeah, I'm just being honest here. I've loved the attention folks give to pregnant ladies. People carry my things, hold open doors, and let me sit in their chairs. Gotta live it up for the next few weeks! ;)

The only reason it's in the picture is that I can't manage to get it through the door!
And it's kinda heavy. So Imma just let it hang out right there until AHill gets home...


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