***Face Palm***

 To everything there is a season, right?

This was from last year --- cue the tears! My baby's grown so much!!!

I have to keep reminding myself of that these days. Times are gonna change. Enjoy the moments --- both the pleasant ones as well as the face palm moments.

But here's the cold hard truth about this season of life:
It Stinks.

This month, I'm taking what is undoubtedly the most difficult class in my grad school program.
Adam has just started a new job. We've had to adjust the most to this --- different hours, different demands. This is the first summer I've ever been home alone. Like ever. And it's a hard transition. I have to go out of town each week for school, so there's having to arrange for a babysitter. It's just a season of change. 

I could sugar coat things and make everything look rosy, but that's not my jam.
I could whine about how tough it it, but that's no my jam either.
Instead, I'm choosing to embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly, chronicling each day in all its glory. :)

Monday, June 12:
Wrote new blog. Had fun writing. Took LC to pool where she couldn't figure out why her swim diaper was dripping even though she wasn't going to the bathroom.
She's pointing to the pool wondering why I'm
taking a photo while we should be splashing.

Tuesday, June 13:
Had to go to Birmingham for grad school. Due to poor planning, Adam had to take LC to work with him. Lack of sleep led to me buying a cup of coffee the size of my face. And lack of communication led Adam to dress LC like this.

Fashion forward. But hey, she was dressed!

Just one of the many selfies I sent to Adam that day.

Wednesday, June 14:
LC started offering to rub my shoulders. About time!
Also, a swimming adventure led to a long nap in the car.
Just look at those adorable curls!

One of the few times she's fallen asleep in the car with me. Write this one down in the books!

Thursday, June 15:
Due to the terrible down pouring of rain, we were forced to be inside most of the day. We crafted and watched Frozen. For the millionth time.

Friday, June 16:
After a Friday night cooking incident back in the spring (dropping a carton of eggs, burning toast, cutting my hand), I no longer cook on Fridays. This week, we went to a place we'd never been and tried new foods. Also, discovered that LC is obsessed with Frozen AND the balls outside of Target.

Saturday, June 17:
My sweet family came down so we could celebrate Father's Day together. LC practiced rubbing Granny's shoulders and made sure she had everyone wrapper around her finger.

Sweet Uncle D sharing donut time with LC.

Movie time with Papa. Guess what they're watching...

Refining her shoulder rubbing skills.

Sunday, June 18:
Enjoyed Adam's family for Father's Day after a sweet run through the woods.

Monday, June 20:
Why can't I remember Monday?

Tuesday, June 21:
Class online. Thought I could handle LC at home by myself. Aside from peeing in the floor twice (and once in the potty!), she was an angel.

This one just cracks me up!

And finally -- this. This is one to keep forever. She loves Mickey Mouse and she's always sure to tell me when she sees him. Before Frozen begins, we catch a glimpse of Mickey and she always says "I wuv you, Mickey" in this really strange/cute voice. But this time, she added something else to it. :)

So, here's to enjoying all the moments and all the seasons of life. :)


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