My name is Janell.
And I'm just trying to survive...

Anyone feel me on this? Triple Threat Threes maybe? Fussy Fours? Fightin' Fives even?  I'm sure the list goes on, and the kind of tantrums change. I mean, I'm 27 and I still throw tantrums every now ands again. Right Adam? ;) And yes, I'm totally 27. Totally.

My girl has always been a spitfire. From refusing to show her face for nearly EVERY ultrasound, not turning until the last minute in the womb, and hmm, her entire time here with me. Spit. Fire. LC.

I've heard tale of calm babies. The ones that will sleep anywhere. That don't cry for an entire 2 hour car ride. Ones that will play with their toys or watch tv. Myths. All myths in my mind. For my sweet, sweet child is far too nosy to nod off out in public. The stars must be aligned jusssst right. And she still doesn't like car rides. Forget playing in the living room while I cook dinner. She has to be right there beside me looking, helping, touching.

The kicker? She isn't even two yet.
Around mid April, her personality began to blossom and she began to assert her independence.
No bed.
No nap.
My do it.
My help.
Mommy sit. 
NOOOO! Right here. 

I promise you, child gets up EVERY morning wearing her sassy pants.

"My do it" gone wrong. Don't worry- she figured it out.
Besides, she wouldn't have let me help. 
It's pretty neat to watch her struggle through these things. It's evident when she makes those connections on how to perform a task. Her frustration and anger immediately dissipate, replaced with sheer joy. And then she's gotta do it again. And again. And again. Practice makes perfect, eh?

Just as LC struggles through the day---putting on pants, taking off her diaper (one thing she's recently learned to do and loves to practice), opening her water bottle, successfully getting the fork WITH FOOD to her mouth---I too struggle through the day.

Each day, I watch LC from the sidelines letting her learn, and you guys do the same.
I know, I know, you do it out of love, right?
You watch as I try to wrangle a wild toddler in the grocery store.
Why stay with mom? Gotta touch everything. 
You watch as my near nap child screams at the top of her lungs because I won't let her lick the shopping cart.
You cast a meaningful glance my way as I try to reason with an 20 pound octopus-child that walking into the road isn't a good idea.
And you kindly agree when I ask why it's so hot in here as I wipe away my sweat stache (for the third time).

But I'm just trying to survive.
We're just trying to survive.
Anyone with me?

But in between the tiny toddler's terrible two moments, she's pretty remarkable.
She offers to rub my shoulders.
She snuggles with me on the couch.
She loves to be by my side.
And she makes my life so much more enjoyable.

So here's the part where I show you a bajillion photos of my gal. :) Quit here if you like. But you'll be missing some serious cuteness...

Another "My Do It" moment - this one didn't go too terribly wrong. Unless you take into account the massive amount of bubbles that ended up on her. And me. And the porch. But well worth it. 

While she looks cute here, she was really just plotting against me and the ducks. I wouldn't let her jump in the pond to chase the ducks. Tantrum later ensued. 

When you love Cheerios as much as this girl, one spoon just isn't enough. 

Making rice crispy treats/a giant sticky mess. 

Adorable MOO outfit made my Marynell Hill.

Didn't want to pick a battle here, so she fed herself while wearing socks on her hands. No biggie. 

Matchy matchy. 


I looked away for one minute, and this is what happened. My do it, I'm sure. 

This video of her dancing .... haha! 
She was belly laughing at my mom. Not sure what face mom was making, but it sure did make LC laugh!

Even though it's sometimes terrible, I'd take terrible any day with her in it.
Mushy, but honest.


  1. She is so cute and growing quickly. Sure miss seeing you guys.


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