The Plunge

It was on this very day, waaay back in 2011, that I first took the plunge.
I remember how nervous I was.
I doubted.
I worried.
I even considered not doing it.
But boy am I glad I ever did.

I had forgotten, but the summer of 2011 was a crossroads for me. For us.
I had been pink slipped at my teaching job - thanks, proration 2011.
Our house had been affected by the April 2011 tornados and was undergoing some work.
Adam had just had surgery on his ankle and was on crutches, for like ever.

He was a pro on crutches.

But there was lots of fun, too.
Picking out paint colors.
Wheeling Adam around in a wheelchair while shopping.

Old times? Oh, I love talking about old times. New times are great too, but there's just something about old times. You know what I mean?
-Leslie Knope, Parks & Rec

And today is where old times and new times cross paths. Well, once again. But today feels pretty significant! The plunge I worried over, doubted about was putting myself out there. 

I remember sitting on our tiny front porch pecking away at the keyboard.
Questioning a blog name.
Questioning what to write about.
Questioning if it's even worth my time. 

Who knows how long it took me, but I know that I shared my first blog post on Facebook and quickly closed the computer. I got in the car and drove to Walgreens to pick up something. When I got back, I had butterflies in my stomach as I logged in to see if anyone had read. 

What if they think it's dumb?
What if they think I'm dumb?

But you were kind. You were sweet. 
You read and you commented. 
And you've kept reading! You have no idea how much you've helped me have fun on this journey of writing. While it seems trivial, your words mean more than you know to me. Each time you've read or mentioned my blog, it pushes me to keep on keeping on. (There's a PCHS reference for you Linden folks! Haha!) 

This is post #133. 
Not all of them have been published, but it's remarkable to me that I've had so much to say, so much to write. But, old times vs. new times, it's funny how my first post, Breaking Up With Butter, is so still me. 

So, here's to plenty of new times, my friends. 
I can't wait to keep sharing the ups and downs with ya! 
And as always, thanks for reading. :) 

And here's a cute picture of my gal. Never in a bajillion years could I have imagined, when beginning this blog, that this is a photo I'd be posting! 
She's wearing one of my outfits! 1986 vintage right there!
Yes, 1986. But that still makes me 27.... 

And finally a 2011 Janell and Adam photo. :) 


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