El Camino by The Black Keys

I’ve had the newest Black Keys album in my CD player for a while now.
And not just because I can’t get it to eject, either.
It’s really that good.

These dudes have put together some pretty awesome stuff in the past, but this is one album that I enjoy in its entirety. “Lonely Boy,” the album’s first single, is (well, was would be a more accurate verb tense, I suppose) one of my favorite running songs. There are several other catchy, upbeat songs on this album – a little bit different than their previous album, Brothers.

If you’re on Spotify, go listen.
If you’re out shopping, go buy.
Just listen.

This album makes me love rock and or roll all over again.
Consequently, this album is also contributing to the slow, yet early demise of my once keen hearing, but that is entirely another story for another day.


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