"Have you any dreams you'd like to sell..."

Video cameras – what a fabulous invention.
There is this one shot that my mom snuck when I was a sassy three-year-old – I love it.
As my parents tell it, my younger brother had just been born and my mom was feeding him while I was busy spending some quality time with my pop. You can hear my wee voice chattering away as I buzz around my father’s head, him seated on the floor with an array of colorful barrettes in his jet-black hair. The sweet conversation continues, even as you see my father’s eye catch a glimpse of my mom and the video camera. He was letting me play beauty shop - or, as I called it, be a hair cutter girl – my career choice as a three-year-old.
Soon, hair cutter girl changed to nurse.
Then teacher.
And doctor.
Occupational therapist.
Truck driver.
Truck driver.
Truck driver.
Even now, I grapple with my career choice.
I should have been a physical therapist.
Or an entrepreneur.
Maybe even photographer.
Definitely a writer.

No matter what I am currently doing, I am never satisfied; for me, the grass will always be greener on the other side.
Deep down, I know what my problem is: I want to do it all – be and see everything.
My desires are insatiable.

I truly want to do it all.
But this I know is massively impossible. 

For two weeks, I'm taking part in the Scintilla Project and responding to daily prompts.
Today's Bonus Prompt:  What is one massively impossible dream you've always had?


  1. You and I...we've always wanted to do, see, and be everything. What's up with us? I see it as our story is never final. There's always another chapter...another paragraph...another adventure. And a truck driver? Seriously? You must've kept that one from me. You're holding out, Jane!


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