15 Weeks of Weirdness

So, I'm here to pick a bone with you, dear reader.
Yeah. You.

No one ever told me about pregnancy. People only talk about pregnancy, the flowery happy 9 months of growing a human.

You failed to mention all the weird stuff that's going on with my once familiar body. The real pregnancy.

Nausea caused by brussel sprouts, the smell of my favorite perfume, or the thought of swallowing my multi-vitamin.

The most outrageous and all-encompassing state of exhaustion known to man.

Tears because my dog is cute.

Losing my breath from walking down the driveway.

No one mentioned any of that.

But it's ok. I'll forgive ya.


I love those pants. I might live in them for the next few weeks.

Picking out names is hard. For reals.

I still run, but I am waaaay slow. And whiney. Bless my friends for not ditching me. 

I just look like I ate too much during the holidays.


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