So this is the new year...

I know it doesn't really comes as a surprise to anyone, but I didn't make it.
I was asleep by 11 o'clock.
Probably earlier.

For a brief instant, I felt sorry for myself - at home on New Year's Eve.
Happily in my warm pjs- snuggled in my uber comfy bed- watching television.
Who does that?

And it makes me so happy.


In the chill of the morning, I stood outside and watched my dogs zig-zag across the yard. I watched as the sun weaved its way through the clouds creating a kaleidoscope of dazzling colors.

This is the New Year.
This is my New Year.

But what about the old year?
You can read an overview of 2014 here, but let's look at 2014 the best way possible- in pictures.

The Year 2014


In January, I received one of my favorite essays every. I mean, this kid! I laughed soooo hard at this one.


February is best described as spontaneous. This was the month Adam went to get his CrossFit L1 Certification, my friends and I decided to run a marathon relay just a few days prior to the race, and, most importantly, the month of snow days!

We run like a boss. For sure.

It's what you do in the snow - deadlift your dog, right?


This was the month I conquered the devious beast: fear. I participated in the CrossFit Open, a series of workouts everyone completes, and then competing athletes are then ranked against one another. Now, I knew I wouldn't be amazing. Honestly, I didn't know if I could do a lot of the movements. But, at the encouragement of many wonderful teammates, I registered. For this one particular workout, I had to do squats while holding a 65 pound bar over my head. This was something I had never done. Something I knew I couldn't do. Something I was afraid to try.

The day came to complete the workout. Nervously, I stepped up to the bar and tried. Much to my surprise, I successfully did 8. It was the lowest score of anyone in the gym, but I remember that being one of my proudest moments.

This still amazes me. :)


Growth. That's what April had to offer. Not necessarily by way of muscle, but mental. Mid-April, I ran the Bridge Street Half Marathon. This one was flat, and I intended to set a new personal record. I wanted it to be my fastest time yet. I started with a pace group that promised to have me finish with a PR, but I just couldn't keep up. For the majority of the race, I had an internal battle: quit or slog through it---just finish. I kicked myself over and over for nearly 2 hours. What went wrong? Why couldn't I keep up? What's wrong with me? Why do I sign up for these things? After an eternity of running, the finish line neared. I kept pounding the pavement. I crossed the finish line, disappointment across my face. I knew that I should be proud, but I just couldn't muster it. I had given it my best effort, but it just didn't seem good enough.

Well, elation soon took the place of disappointment. Despite it all, I had done well. I actually placed first in my age group!

Talk about excited. :)


An unexpected opportunity to go to New Orleans couldn't be passed up in May. I had never been, so I was pretty excited to get to experience it. While we ate REALLY well, that town's just not for me. Not. At. All.


My sweet friend got married!!! This was big news. And so much fun. :) Couldn't be happier for Wes and Emily. They are so cute together. :)


It was a Wednesday. Adam called. We got tickets. And Saturday we got on a boat to go on a cruise. Talk about spontaneous.

We also got rid of my favorite car ever. :(   Well, we anticipated some changes coming soon. ;)

Bahamas, 2014

Bye bye, Effy. 


You know, 86 years is a long time. And I'm so lucky to still have my Grandaddy around.

Love these folks. 


September was filled with me being a spectator. I love watching Adam lift weights at competitions. :)


Hands-down, October is my favorite month. Adam and I celebrated our birthday. I turned 27 (for the 3rd time)! It was also a big month for my parents. I actually baked them a special birthday cake!

Wow. My little brother looks so happy. Haha!

Best birthday cake ever.


Road trip to Indianapolis. Ran a FREEZING half marathon---this time with a baby on board! ;)

You have no idea how windy it was!

Baby's first freezing half!


Finally, we told folks about this. :)

What a wonderful year. :) 


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