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In my last post, I told you how weird being pregnant is.
And let me reiterate - it's weird
But I'm not going to bore by droning on and on about this or that. I'm not going to tell the whole world how excited I am to have a little person growing in me that's currently the size of an avocado (!!!).  Nope. I would never bore you with such trivial details. ;)

Instead, how about a top 4 about growing a baby. Four? Yeah, four - because I couldn't come up with five!

Top 4 Awesome Things about Growing a Person

4. Stretchy Clothes
    In a perfect world, I would never, ever have to wear clothes with buttons or zippers. Like, ever. For years now, I've jumped straight into my stretchy clothes as soon as I walked through the doors. Now that I can't fit into my button clothes, I don't have to wear anything but stretchy clothes!!!  Two weeks ago, I purchased my first pair of maternity pants. Maaaan. I love Adam, but these pants, y'all, they're fighting for the #1 spot in my heart. And honestly, I don't know if I can ever give them up. They might be here to stay...

3. Eating
    If you know me at all, you know that eating is one of my favorite past-times. The hubs and I typically plan our vacations around which restaurants we want to visit. I seriously love to eat. Now I have an excuse to eat all of the time! It's the best. 

2. Kindness
     Ok. I'm milking this one for all it's worth. Folks are sooo kind to pregnant ladies. ;)     Here, let me help you get up.     Oh, you can have my seat.    Need me to go get that for you?   Wow. Pregnancy really seems to bring out the kindness of strangers. And the attention! Yowza! Suddenly, everyone wants to know how I'm doing! And I mean, who could pass up an opportunity to talk about themselves? Not this girl. 

1. Naps
     Prior to this adventure, I could count the number of time I've napped during my marriage. It was less than 5. But now? Naps are like gold. I even build in nap time to my weekend schedule. This is my favorite --- especailly if I'm on the couch in my stretchy clothes, eating ice-cream that Adam got me getting ready to nap. 

Top 4 Worst Things about Pregnancy
4. Awkwardness 
      I'm in this awkward phase where I look like I've just really overindulged during the holidays. And it's awkward. I kinda want to wear a sign on my shirt that says "there's a baby in there, y'all" or something. I just feel awkward. But it's completely ok with me. :)
3. Restrictions
      I hate having to be so careful. I can't eat this. I can't eat that. Don't take that medicine. Watch how much coffee you drink. It's hard. And honestly, I reeeeally want what I can't have.
- lots of coffee and creamer
- a Jimmy John's sandwich
- a gigantic medium steak

2. Forgetfulness
      Now this is weird. I cannot remember a thing. AND I HATE IT. It started out small, but it's progressed to full-on I sometimes feel crazy mode. I question whether or not I said something, who I might have already discussed something with, or where I put things. Weeeeird.

1. Bathroom Breaks
     I need sooo many of them!!!

But I wouldn't change any of it. :) I truly love experiencing it all!

Kid Quotes of the Week
4. "Ummm Mrs. Hill? Are you having a baby?"
3. "Somebody said you're having a baby. Is that real?"
2. "You're growing a baby!" as he points to my stomach.
1. "Mrs. Hill! Did you get your baby yet?"

Started out as a fake yawn, ended as the real deal. :)


  1. You never get your memory back! Just sayin'. And I craved everything I wasn't supposed to cold cuts. And buddy, I ate 'em. And now I think that's why Isaac loves Subway so much. :-/

  2. Noooo! Don't tell me that, Mal!
    Glad to know I'm not the only one who craved the off-limits stuff.


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