Recently, I've had a lot of kids passing gas in class.
The little ones refer to this as a toot.
They are quite toot-ie here lately.

For most of those kids, it's nothing. Just a normal occurrence. Many times, the class erupts in laughter - and I'll admit, it's hard not to myself.

But it's funny how something so embarrassing to an adult is so nothing to a kid. When does embarrassment become a thing? When do you suddenly realize that accidentally tooting in front of some people is not ok. It's supposed to result in a red face and lots of slouching?

I'll never forget one classic toot. 
Rewind to the year 2000 - a classic in and of itself.
There I sat, a freshman at Perry County High School. My Health and Wellness class was taught by a coach with a receding hairline. Honestly, when he looked down, you could get the whole picture - a bat. His hairline looked like a bat! Annnnyway, I remember this day very clearly. Coach was seated in his chair. He leaned to one side to reposition. As he lifted one leg to cross it over the other, trapped gas escaped him. A hush fell over the class- a rare occurrence for high schoolers. A red flush crept up his face. He proceeded to deliver a monologue on how everyone does it. It's normal.

So, what really makes embarrassment?
Now a-days, I have no idea. I'm finding that things that should embarrass me, don't.
Like the fact that I sometimes sound like a very large man after a meal. --- burp.
And that I somehow lost a cucumber in my house. Either that, or my dog ate it.
  ----I sure hope Buddy ate it....
Or that I can easily put away a gigantic cheeseburger, order of tots, and a drink in a matter of minutes.
And that I often lose my breath just by walking down the hallway and talking to a teacher.
My coworkers politely chuckle when I bust out my snack at 9:00, beg for lunch at 10:30, and greedily hunt for another snack at 2:30.

I'm simply not embarrassed.
Not by those things, and definitely not by my ever-growing belly. :)

Kinda in love with that belly. :)


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