Catching up...

So, it’s a girl.
And sweet baby girl still has no name. 
Just to reiterate, naming a person is hard. 

That being said, we’ve made quite a few strides.
We painted the nursery blue.
Yep, blue.
I’m not sure what I was thinking. Actually, I cried about the matter. A lot. Then we put all the pretty pink stuff in there, and it’s now my favorite room in the house. I sometimes just go in there and sit. :) 

Nursery, complete with the guard dogs. :)

We bought Adam a baby carrying case. He practiced using it with the teddy bear Baby Girl has. He even gave himself the disheveled-up-at-2am-hair look. It cracks me up every time I look at it. 

Baby Girl, whom we’re calling Claire this week, and I ran a half marathon. I shouldn’t say we ran it - it was more of a shuffle walk. But we did it. And got our picture made with a pirate at the expo. 

He tried to smile for the picture, but that just didn't seem right.
So, I asked him to "go all pirate" for the picture. 

And here we are....


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