Nouns, Love, and Awe

Do you remember learning about nouns?
A person, place, or thing, right? Something you can feel, or as one of my more memorable teacher described it, something you can haul off and kick.

     Later on, we add that a noun can also be an idea, such as love. While you can't just kick love, you certainly can feel love. We talk about love in my classroom quite often. What food do you love? What person? What hobby? My students certainly know that I love my dog Buddy. And I really do. While he's ofttimes a nuisance, what with his constant click-clack padding around the house, high-pitched bark of a warning (THERE'S SOMEONE WALKING ON THE SIDEWALK!!! Oh, nevermind. False alarm.), and his undying need to be touched,  I still love him. Like, a lot.

     I'm pretty tight with my chum Buddy...Buddy Bear...Buddrow. Sometimes, we have staring matches. Just for the record, I typically emerge victorious. But it's during these times that I wonder how love comes to be. How I can possibly love a new person more than I love my husband, my family, my dog, or pizza. While I know it is possible, I just can't fathom a love like that just yet. With each mood swing, crying spell over an empty ice cream box, or powerful punch from within, I wonder about love.

     All while baby girl is showing her love through kicks and punches, she has an army of folks showing their love in a more thoughtful manner. I'm in awe of the acts of kindness already being shown for this unborn karate kid of mine. Simply in awe. I love it.

Quilt from our dear friend, the Browns. 

Also from the Browns. Leslie's got talent!

Handmade from one of my mom's pals in Tennessee. I love that each hand stitched bear is doing something different!

From Adam's super crafty mom. 

Blanket, hat, and boots from another one of mom's pals in Tennessee. This blanket is so soft!

While I'm truly in awe of the talent and love shown to baby girl, I'm also in awe of how much food I can pack away and how large I'm getting! ;)

Lydia Claire is my favorite. My maternal grandmother's name was Lydia, and I adore the love, patience, and kindness she always showed. And Claire. It just stuck. ;)


  1. Oh...and you will love her more than you can even imagine it's possible to love. Such a precious time for you and your family.

    1. Ah, I can't wait! Thanks so much for reading, Jane. :)


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