It was perfect...

It was perfect. 
Not too shallow.
Not too deep.
Perfectly symmetrical. 

Key word - was

This bellybutton of mine, y'all, is getting weird. 
It's stretching out.
It's getting shallow. 
And I'm afraid it's gonna pop before long. 
Currently, I can see inside it, and that's never happened before. 

But on a positive note, with my expanded belly I've been able to get a closer look at this cute little constellation of freckles just above aforementioned gross belly button. They kinda look like the big dipper...or a tadpole. ;)

So, we're currently in week 24 of this transformation into parenthood. Today at my appointment I realized that I've gained a lot of weight. Not "oh, you're growing a baby" weight. It's the "hey, you've been eating too many Reese's Cups and Cap'n Crunch" weight. Time to eat my veggies. 



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