40 Weeks and Counting

Sometimes it's tough being an adult. It includes making choices you'd rather not make.
Like trading in your glorious, gas guzzling Tonka truck for a more family friendly ride. 
Or preparing a real dinner with vegetables instead of making that remaining piece of chocolate cake be dinner. They're tough, but you know it's for the best.

Tonka truck, I miss you.   :(

Sometimes, however, folks don't have the good sense to make tough decisions. Chalk it up to ignorance, denial, I don't know. But I do know that my thoughts automatically go to those occasions when folks just don't know it's time to leave. Maybe they're enjoying themselves. Maybe they're just really comfy. Whatever it is, they just don't seem to get any subtle, or not, clues that are dropped. 

Oh! I have the perfect example. 
And I'll even use names!

That's right. I just used the bold, italics, and underline feature. You know I'm serious. 

Is she really comfortable? Is she lazy? Or is she just really stubborn? Who knows. But I do know that we're running out of room. Seriously. She hit the 40 week mark yesterday, Monday, and shows no signs of wanting to head outta her current cozy abode. Honestly, I feel like we're both pretty uncomfortable. She''ll kick me at the top of my stomach, I'll try to press her back down, but it does no good. I can feel her from the top to the bottom of her living quarters. And the way she can make my stomach rock these days is like something from a sci-fi movie. She's gonna be a powerful little baby!

With the report from our doctor yesterday being the same as the previous week (read no progress),  things are now being talked about which I had never considered. Induction. Cesarean. Medications. She has some time, though - she can still make her entrance the way I want her to.... but wait. Is this LC already being defiant?!? Ha. Interestingly enough, my doctor will not allow me to go past 41 weeks. She said that would not only put baby in danger but me as well. Apparently the baby they thought would be on the small side is now potentially a little large for my frame.

So, I'm off to walk a couple miles while eating pineapple and spicy foods. Here's to hoping she comes soon!

Wedding with my favorite guy and almost 2nd grader!

Pizza with college friends Yuki and KRay!


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