Week 39

Do you know how hot it is outside?
It's been a bajillion degrees outside for the past FOREVER. On the mornings I can't sleep, I take Buddy on a stroll. Just half a mile. And I come back covered in sweat! Sheesh. I work up a sweat just looking out the windows! My poor flowers have suffered, too; they all died because I refuse to step outside to water them and Adam takes no responsibility for flowers - something we agreed upon long ago.

So, while mother nature is busy making it feel like an oven out there, my little bun is almost ready to come outta the oven! Well, at least I sure hope she is. I feel like it. And I certainly look like it. When strangers mention in passing that surely you're miserable/must be near the end/look tired/are glowing (it's just sweat), you know it's time. Well, you'd think most people would know it's time. LC hasn't gotten the message yet. ;)

Even though we're sitting on ready, I know it could still be a while. I've vacuumed too many times to count and try to keep the house tidy. However, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be pregnant forever.

In the mean time, I'm trying to find ways to occupy myself. Mentally, there are tons of things I want to accomplish. Then I try to get off the couch. Ha! Mind says YES, body says NO. I try to go on a daily outing and find some way to piddle around the house.

This week, my dear Mal Pal came for a visit with her adorable little boy. I had such a good time.

Isaac being adorable and me being gigantic.

Love my Mal Pal! <3

Then I had a little fun while taking my weekly photo.

Week 27 vs Week 39
I know, I know. Terrible attempt at splicing two photos together. Oh well!

Sweet, annoying Buddy! He needs more exercise. 

Not photographed, for various reasons, was me trying to put the Pack & Play together in our bedroom. That thing. Ugh. I worked up a sweat trying to get it together. Also not photographed was the episode of me getting stung on the belly by a wasp. Terror ensued (me- tears, inability to sit still, more tears) while Adam saved the day (after realizing I wasn't shouting "OH MY GOSH" while holding my belly due to labor).

Tomorrow is my weekly doctor visit where I'll undoubtedly learn that I will indeed be pregnant forever. ;)


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