The trouble with virtues...

When I think about little LC, I can't help but wonder what behaviors she might inherit from me or AHill. There's quite a long list I hope she gets from him and quite a list of things I hope she avoids from my gene pool.

One big one is my impatience. Now, the topic of whether or not impatience is a learned trait is a completely different topic, but I do know that patience is not really a virtue I possess. I strive to be efficient in all things (hahahaha - labor! That probably will require some patience...), and this waiting on baby to get ready to bust outta the womb is difficult. I know I'm a ticking time bomb, I know it's still potentially early, I know, I know. But it still doesn't help the waiting.

Sweet Gracie Girl patiently waiting, scheming, planning her next big escape. Teach LC, please!

So, whilst trying to distract myself from another unbearably hot afternoon, I thought I'd share some pictures from the last week. I'm trying to stay busy and keep my mind off of how much fun these last few weeks are. ;)

Sweet hubby and I went to see Jurassic World. Nothing like begin pregnant, sitting in a super cool theatre, and eating an entire LARGE bag of popcorn... 

It's a bajillion degrees right now, so that obviously calls for popsicles!

Saturday, the sweet folks at CrossFit Madison threw us a shower. Love these folks!
Sarah guessed my circumference - right on the money!

So many fun things!

While I will not miss heartburn, I will miss having a tv tray. Super handy when eating large pieces of chocolate cake.

Morning walks with Buddy. Love that dog.

Last week's picture. 

This week's picture!


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